At B&L, we believe in keeping it simple and doing it well.

The menu was carefully built around three core items: The Whole Lobster, The B&L Burger and The Lobster Roll.

Attention to detail is key here. Ingredients are made fresh on site without fail or compromise.

From fresh daily-baked brioche buns used for both the Burger and Lobster Roll; to the Burger patty made from three different prime cuts of steak that is grounded in a specific manner to ensure consistency in its flavour and texture; to the Lobster butter sauce infused with a rich delicate bisque-base made from scratch.

Supporting these three heroes are side dishes that show the same amount of thought and promise. A fresh herb salad dressed to perfection with a white balsamic and mustard dressing topped with homemade brioche croutons, balsamic reduction and grated parmesan cheese served alongside delectable skinny fries ordered three-ways: regular, upgraded to its rich cousin (dressed with truffle oil and parmesan cheese) or sweet potato.

Joining these fine dishes is a list of new-generation style cocktails – developed specially for B&L in creative collaboration with Brent Perremore (Cape Town’s number 1 barman and Top 6 SA Barman, 2016). Added to the menu as recommendations of what pairs best with either the Lobster or the Burger – a fun food pairing experience that suit everyone’s tastes.

Desserts are also changed up so expect new and wonderful creations making its way onto the menu regularly.







To keep the menu fresh for regular patrons, additional menu items are added on a rotation basis. Influenced by the season or current food trends, these could be anything from a five-week Dry Aged Organic Steak, a Southern Fried Buttermilk Chicken Burger, a Wolf Burger (Beef patty, Lobster meat, Brie cheese and truffle mayo) to a Lobster Nicoise salad with a twist. Be sure to ask your waiter for more on this.







We are unfailingly mindful of our environment, striving to source food from responsible sources, especially our Lobster. We use two kinds of Lobsters at B&L.

– The Maine lobster, sought after around the world, is mild and sweet in flavour and has a subtle, fibrous texture. In general, the meat itself is white with red tinges. Served either steamed or steamed and finished on the grill with lemon and garlic butter on the side.

– South African South Coast lobster especially its tail, are one of the premier seafood choices around the world, with sweet, succulent meat presented with a vibrant red shell compared to the brown shell of American lobsters. Served either steamed or steamed and finished on the grill with lemon and garlic butter on the side.













The B&L Interior creates a slick, New York-style look and feel combined with natural elements reminiscent of where the restaurants’ core ingredients come from. Black steel, deep buttoned leather seating and an impressive bar is contrasted with raw wood, exposed brick and steel mesh with specialty lighting.

The end result is a space that transcends easily as night falls from a trendy dinner spot to a vibrant and bustling bar ambience. With some evenings dedicated to provide up-and-coming DJ’s a platform to set the mood in the restaurant.



Our goal is to serve our patrons within 15 to 20 minutes of a placed food order, which is in line with the fast-paced, energetic and lively atmosphere the establishment is known for.